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Donate to the Momentum Campaign and Inspire Possibilities at Westben!

Join the movement for Momentum and sustain vitality in our organization, motivate growth in community and educational programming, and invigorate the next exciting chapter at Westben. Westben is a charitable, not-for-profit organization.

We depend on the vital generosity of our donors to keep the music playing.

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Together, we can continue offering unique experiences of world-class music in nature. We can foster thriving communities and facilitate accessible programming. We can grow as an arts centre and enhance our region’s cultural landscape.

Your donations help preserve the Westben experience, ensuring we can continue to present exceptional moments of music in nature. Your support also nurtures our essential charitable activities, cultivating a love of music in audiences and participants of all kinds. Westben’s community initiatives include our educational presentations and Chalk Talks, our integral choir programs, youth workshops and mentorships built to celebrate individuality and imagination, accessible programming for seniors, and important acts of creative cultural exchange in our region. These transformative endeavors are made possible through your generous donations.

Support Westben's Momentum Campaign and make a lasting difference through the universal language of music.