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Support the Performer-Composer Residency: a leading edge international program welcoming performer-composers from over ten countries in the creation of brand new collaborative works that reflect global perspectives through music, shared digitally with the public.

The 2022 DIGITAL PERFORMER COMPOSER RESIDENCY runs June 1-25, 2022. Visit

The Performer-Composer Residency (PCR) is an annual collaborative gathering where diverse listeners and performer-composers build relationships and connect through creating music and exchanging perspectives. It is grounded at Westben, a ‘music farm’ nestled in the rolling hills of the traditional lands of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg near what is known as Campbellford, Ontario. Instead of traditional teacher-student models, the PCR celebrates a wide range of musical practices, ages, and cultural backgrounds in a supportive peer-driven environment. The participants of the PCR often find themselves in between composing music, bringing it to life in performance, organizing arts-based forms of community making, and more. We try to cheer all of that on! Here, we embrace the complex intersections we inhabit as humans/community members/artists as we seek to share and create music together.